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Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses which impact our cognitive functions are on the rise in Manitoba.  To help families and caregivers in our homes, we provide many different resources.  Our main tools to help individuals caring for those with these illnesses are education and creating awareness.
Life enrichment programs at the Irene Baron Eden Centre take into consideration that our Elders can and do learn, can and do change, want to remain self directing and are vital and productive human beings in spite of their limitations. We offer general and specialized programming to meet the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of our Elders. We greatly encourage our Elders and their family/friends to join and become involved in all of our recreational activities. Our programs are designed to enhance and promote individuality, independence and participation while also respecting the Elder's choice not to participate.

Elders who choose not to partake in large group events, can also choose from smaller groups and individual programs. Each month there is a calendar printed for each neighbourhood. Calendars are posted in each neighbourhood with copies available on request from our Life Enrichment Coordinator; You may also view the calendar online, click on the icon found on the Home page.

We also encourage the celebration of special family events at the Centre. If you wish to hold an event at Irene Baron Eden Centre please contact the Life Enrichment Coordinator at (204) 667-7747, extension 2 or by email and they will be pleased to assist you with any preparations.
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